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Frustration vent - The Support Monkeys
We're back, bitches!
Frustration vent
In Tier Two, most of the calls we get are transfers from lower tiers of support, such as Billing, Customer Care, or Tier One.  Some of these transfers are totally unnecessary, as the issue could easily have been resolved if the transferring reps had simply followed the pre-transfer guidelines.

Tier One Guy:  "This customer can't make or receive calls, and the troubleshooting flow led me to transfer to you."
Me:  "Hmm, they aren't registered on a tower.  That's usually a SIM card number mismatch.  Did you verify the customer's SIM ID?"
Tier One Guy:  "Yeah, yeah, I did.  It's the one ending in 8436."
Me:  "Okay, send the customer over and we'll get her all squared away!"

Me:  "Thanks for holding, my name is Berkeley.  Has a representative checked your SIM card number yet to make sure it matches?"
Customer:  "What's a SIM card?"
(thought so)

And of course, a mismatch.  Corrected it and she was good to go.  It was the second of seven steps in the troubleshooting flow.

Why do reps do this to customers?

More on that later.

Peace, love, and Dick Wilkins,


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From: kittenswithguns Date: May 3rd, 2009 03:35 am (UTC) (Link)
LOL Kudos for this. I really understand now why the previous location for T2 was so pissed off all the time. We started a tracker sheet of tickets full of fucktardery.
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