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The magic of IM - The Support Monkeys
We're back, bitches!
The magic of IM
(2009-05-04 21:50:58) mwilkins091@gmail.com: fucking fail
(2009-05-04 21:51:24) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: lol
(2009-05-04 21:51:40) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: "fail" hasn't gotten old there yet? I figured it would die off in three days.
(2009-05-04 21:51:53) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: I was sick of it in about seven minutes, lol
(2009-05-04 21:51:59) mwilkins091@gmail.com: well, i don't use it that much
(2009-05-04 21:52:03) mwilkins091@gmail.com: and it is pretty homo
(2009-05-04 21:52:19) mwilkins091@gmail.com: its pretty much a work related word for me
(2009-05-04 21:52:19) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: Yeah, anything Chris Lord uses a lot is super-gay
(2009-05-04 21:52:29) mwilkins091@gmail.com: rofl
(2009-05-04 21:52:47) mwilkins091@gmail.com: so does that say you don't like Lord
(2009-05-04 21:52:58) mwilkins091@gmail.com: or that he's just gay?
(2009-05-04 21:53:02) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: He's just gay
(2009-05-04 21:53:07) mwilkins091@gmail.com: lol
(2009-05-04 21:53:11) mwilkins091@gmail.com: wow
(2009-05-04 21:53:54) mwilkins091@gmail.com: you know what would be "fail"...him and Bryan in a hot tub together
(2009-05-04 21:54:00) mwilkins091@gmail.com: oh god that's wrong
(2009-05-04 21:54:08) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: No, that would be seven kinds of hot.
(2009-05-04 21:54:21) mwilkins091@gmail.com: but it's definitely content for an inspirational poster
(2009-05-04 21:54:40) mwilkins091@gmail.com: no, seven kinds of hot would be if the hot tub was filled with bacon
(2009-05-04 21:54:51) berkeley24@gmail.com/PidginE54850F8: and bacon grease
(2009-05-04 21:55:17) mwilkins091@gmail.com: i like where this is going

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From: kittenswithguns Date: May 13th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC) (Link)
I dont know if i should be offended that you guys are fantasizing about my boyfriend or...or....yeah i really dont know what to say to this at all...
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