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Don't wreck my dreams. - The Support Monkeys
We're back, bitches!
Don't wreck my dreams.
(2009-12-14 18:17:07) berkeley24@gmail.com: KIMMAY MADE A FUNNAY!
(2009-12-14 18:17:18) Kim: did I?
(2009-12-14 18:17:27) berkeley24@gmail.com: The golf and alcohol thing.
(2009-12-14 18:17:49) berkeley24@gmail.com: It wasn't terribly funny though. Just a little.
(2009-12-14 18:19:03) Kim: it wasnt even my line :(
(2009-12-14 18:19:06) Kim: from a song lol
(2009-12-14 18:19:33) Kim: that took me a couple times to get then I was like Oh Shit!!! thats a good pun
(2009-12-14 18:20:11) berkeley24@gmail.com: Wow.
(2009-12-14 18:20:16) Kim: lol
(2009-12-14 18:20:17) berkeley24@gmail.com: Um, nevermind.
(2009-12-14 18:20:27) Kim: I shouldve just taken the credit
(2009-12-14 18:20:33) Kim: but it hurts my soul to lie
(2009-12-14 18:20:39) berkeley24@gmail.com: Yeah. Yeah, you should have.
(2009-12-14 18:20:51) Kim: I WAS TRYING TO BE HONEST WITH YOU
(2009-12-14 18:20:58) Kim: I WANT NOTHING BUT HONESTY BETWEEN US!!!!
(2009-12-14 18:21:02) berkeley24@gmail.com: Or just said "Thanks! I got it from a song!" and left it at that.
(2009-12-14 18:21:43)
berkeley24@gmail.com: I keep wanting to believe there's someone smart in that cute head of yours, but you keep shooting that idea down.
(2009-12-14 18:22:23) Kim: maybe you'll see it one day
(2009-12-14 18:23:12) berkeley24@gmail.com: Maybe the genius is just too bright for me to see. I'm going to hang on to that idea for a while. Now, please don't talk. I want to keep this idea. Don't wreck my dreams.

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From: (Anonymous) Date: December 15th, 2009 03:10 am (UTC) (Link)
you're welcome :)
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