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And so it comes to pass... - The Support Monkeys
We're back, bitches!
And so it comes to pass...
Hello faithful readers, if there are any of you left.  :) 

Do not think I did not notice the scarcity of my postings in the last couple of years. 


Well, I thought about it, and honestly, it all comes down to a change of attitude.  At some point, I suppose some small part of me grew up a little, and although I still find an enormous amount of humor in what I do for a living, I just do not need the outlet for it the way I used to.  My brand of sarcasm has taken a bit of a different turn, and truthfully, I am simply a lot less bitchy than I used to be.

When I started this blog, it was at a point in my life where I had taken a whole hell of a lot of wrong turns, and I was trying to find my way back to the trail and find where I had gone wrong.  Turns out that some paths are simply not worth going back to, and it was time for me to blaze a new trail toward an actual destination, with a fresh mind and a better (more mature) attitude about life in general.  Life is moving forward for me at a blistering pace now, and even if I did have the desire to blog about work, I really do not have the time.

I cannot just leave without leaving some tidbits about what I have observed in the world around me, however.  If I have to leave a message for future techies and customer service types, it is this:  Love life and love what you do.  If you hate it, either change yourself or change your surroundings.  Life is too short for us to be miserable, and it is all about attitude.  If you go out in search of the black cloud behind every silver lining, you will always find it.  I promise.  If you want to be a miserable asshole like Ken Becklin (yep, I am naming names here), then by all means, go for it, but do not try to take down those around you under the ugly black-veiled guise of camaraderie.  To join in on this sort of thing is to willingly embrace misery and to keep the ball rolling in the wrong direction.  Fully half (or more) of my posts on this blog are me doing just that, which is why I have not been around lately.  Funny?  Of course.  Negative?  Absolutely, hidden beneath the humor of it, and bringing everyone else in on the joke. 

Look to the cheery people around you.  There is a reason they are happy, and it is not that they have discovered how to shit rainbows and Skittles (although that could be pretty fucking awesome).  Life is not always sunshine and bunnies, and sometimes we get dealt a really fucked up hand, and we have to play it.  How you play the bad hands is absolutely more important than how you play the good ones.  You can curl up in the fetal position, be a victim, and cry about it, but when you look up, you will find yourself surrounded by other victims, all trying to one-up each other on who has it worse.  For you Mediacom guys and gals, take a look around you at the people around you that have been handed absolute shit in their lives and still manage to make you smile or laugh every day when you see them.  There are more than a few there, but unless you are looking for the good, they may not stand out to you, even if you interact with them several times a day.  I am absolutely guilty as hell of it myself, which is what I have spent the last few years trying to change. 

To summarize - take accountability for your own happiness and stop pecking with the hens (and Kens).  The world owes you nothing, so earn it, and have fun doing the damn thing.

Now, Veeder, if you will be so kind as to take this soapbox from me, I would greatly appreciate it.  ;)

I have no delusions of grandeur about my writing ability or the readership of this blog.  It is mostly made up of close friends of mine, some old, some new, and some that I miss and admire a great deal.

So it comes to pass, with a happy heart and a peaceful mind.  Thank you to everyone that kept things positive around me, even when the sun refused to shine.



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From: bigfatroach Date: November 18th, 2010 02:55 am (UTC) (Link)

Scarcity of posts.....

Wanna talk about a blast from the past? Yes kiddies, its the Roach! The real Roach! Like Berk, I believe that I've grown up a bit. Also like Berk, I've found that if you aren't happy in your own little spot, find another one. Mine just happens to be back in the military.

I do miss jumping in here and blowing off some steam though. Good times. I hope this blog doesn't go the way of the Dodo. I know there are folks that still stop by so don't be a troll. Leave something behind!

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