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Eastern time. - The Support Monkeys
We're back, bitches!
Eastern time.
Some people amaze me, they really do.  I am glad that I am fortunate enough to see the humor in most things, even those that irritate me, or I might just lose (the rest of) my mind.

This customer was having trouble reaching a specific number, and I had had her make some test calls to that number while I worked on her network provisioning.  None of what I did worked, so it required a ticket to our switch engineering guys.  The following occured while collecting information for the ticket.

Me:  "Okay, we've made some test calls from that phone.  Can you tell me which number that is on your account?"
Caller:  *gives me the number that she is calling from*
Me:  "No, that's the number you're calling me from.  I need the number of the phone we've been using to make the test calls."
Caller:  *gives me her own number, again*
Me:  "Okay, that's the number we're talking on right now.  Since we've been talking on this line, I've had you make some test calls from one of the other lines on your account, and I need to know which one that is."
Caller:  *gives me the number that she's calling from*
Me:  "No, not that one.  When I had you call the number that you're having trouble reaching, it was from a different phone, and that's the number I need."
Caller:  "I'm really confused."
Me:  "Hmm, let me see if I can find another way to say it...  Okay, who was it that you were talking to when we made those test calls?  The person you were instructing to dial the number?"
Caller:  "My sister, Melanie."
Me:  "Look in Melanie's hand.  Is she holding a cell phone?"
Caller:  "Yeah, the one she was using to make those test calls."
Me:  "What is the number to the cell phone that she's holding?"
Caller:  "555-555-1212...why?"
Me:  "No worries, that's all I needed.  You're in Ohio.  I can't quite recall, is that in the Eastern time zone?"
Caller:  "I don't know..."  *giggles*
(She thinks it's funny that she doesn't know what time zone she's in?  I sure as hell do, but I don't think I would find it the least bit humorous were I in her shoes...)
Me:  "You don't know what time zone you're in?"
Caller:  "No...I don't pay much attention to that stuff."
Me:  "Well, the importance of time is certainly subjective.  I just looked it up, you are indeed in the Eastern time zone."
(She has lived at that address for eight years, by the way.)
Caller:  "Oh, well that's good to know!"
Me:  "Sometimes!"

No post-call comment.

Peace, love, and Sidelines fucking chicken wings (soon!),


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